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Permanent Make Up

What is Permanent Make Up?

Permanent Make Up also known as PMU, Semi Permanent Make up, SPMU, Micropigmentation & cosmetic tattooing. We use a cosmetic technique which involves tattooing the skin to resemble make up. These include - Eyeliner, Eyebrows & Lips. 

How long does it last?

PMU can last years, with top ups required normally yearly but this can differ from person to person, some people can go longer, some people will require a top up sooner.

How much does it hurt?

So we use a machine very similar to a regular tattoo machine, although we do not penetrate into the skin as deep. PMU is relatively painless, we use a Pre-numbing cream and also a secondary numbing gel once the skin is broken. These products help to really minimalize any pain. All my clients have been pleasantly surprised in how little it has hurt.

Whats the process?

Firstly we would have a consultation where we would perform a patch test, fill out all the relative forms & have a chat about what your desired look would be. We would then book you in for your first session, this would start with us mapping out the area to make sure we have the correct look that suits you and that you are happy with. We would then start the Numbing & the Tattooing process. After we will finish with going through your aftercare and booking in for your second session in around 8-10 weeks.

What about Removal?

So here at Belle Rose Lashes & Beauty Academy we also offer LI-FT Saline removal, we are one of the only places in this area to offer this fabulous treatment. If you have old Permanent Make up or even a small - medium sized tattoo that you would like lightening/removal but don't want to go down the Laser route then this is a great treatment for you. LI-FT can also be used for EMERGENCY REMOVAL - If you have had a bad tattoo or set of Brows or lip blush and you would like it removed immediately we can do this, best results are if treated within 48 hours, again we are one of the only places in the area to offer this type of saline removal.

I hope answering some of these questions has helped in your understanding towards Permanent Make Up. If you would like to wake up each morning and not have to do your brows or put your lippy on then this is the treatment for you. Smudge free, sweat proof & hassle free make up? who wouldn't want all these benefits!

Please contact us for a FREE consultation!

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PMU TASH BROWS_edited.jpg

Ombre / Powder Brows 

Fresh off the needle Powder Brows. My client over plucked when she was younger and left which left her with sparse natural brows, she decided to take the plunge and get some permanent brows. They have made such a difference to her everyday life, she was overjoyed.

LOU LIPS_edited.jpg

Lip Blush 

Beautiful  new lips using a suttle but affective color to give my client more definition to her natural lips. This client had lip filler, the lip blush has finished the lips off nicely. This is a great treatment if you have lip filler and may have lost your lips natural border slightly. It is also a great treatment if you have no lip filler and want your lips to appear fuller.

LOU LIPS_edited.jpg

In Action

Here I am performing a set of Powder brows for my lovely client who had previous microblading years ago that had faded pink. We chose the correct color that would neutralize the pink, plus give my client the desired new brows she was hoping for.



LI-FT is a lightening/removal method is perfect for saying bye to any unwanted tattoos- PMU. It is created using only natural ingredients, it is vegan certified and cruelty free. The solution is used with the same method we use when tattooing. The salt in the saline works to lift the pigment up and out of the skin.



I am gratefully apart of the PMU Circle. This is a community build of successful PMU Artists within the industry. So I never stop learning, I am always taking part in extra training & mentoring so I can become the best I can for my clients.

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