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Kirsty has been in the Lash industry since 2016,  but worked within the salon industry since she was just 13, 23 years ago! So, she knows a great deal about the industry. She has become very passionate about all things lashes & picked up a lot of tips and tricks along the way and can’t wait to share all of them with you! She prides herself in her work and everything she does to maintain a busy well-run salon. Kirsty has attended many Training courses over the years, some with the best in the industry. Kirsty has recently become a finalist in the Hair & Beauty Award 2022 for ‘Lash Artist of the Year’ 2022. Recently she has also become a finalist with The Lash Awards in the following categories - "Lash Educator of the year" "Best Lash Artist of the year" "Best Russian Volume set of the year" 2023.

We currently offer  1-2-1 Training. There is so many benefits to 1-2-1 Training, We know how some people may feel anxious about being in a room with 4-6 (sometimes more) people, you can get lost amongst the many characters there may be. Kirsty wants to offer you her full attention, so you feel confident to ask questions when ever you want, how ever big or small they may be. So much more can be gained from 1-2-1 courses. Kirsty will provide you with a fun yet relaxed environment to help you feel as comfortable as you can be, we know how nerve wracking it can be learning something new, we’ve all been there. But rest assured Kirsty will do everything she can to support you.


 You will be required to bring a model on the day of your course, so you can practice on a real-life model with the full attention and guidance of Kirsty by your side observing and encouraging you. more details of this will be given once your course is booked. If you struggle to find a model, please let us know and we will do all we can to help.


All our course’s will require you to carry out case studies. We feel that this is such an important part of the course. We don’t believe you can do 1 day’s training then qualify in a treatment confidently, there is only so much you can learn in 1 day. Once you have reached a satisfactory level you will then be certified & receive your certificate. We want you to feel happy and confident to go out into the big wide world and provide these treatments at your best ability,  providing a high-quality service to your clients. Lash application takes a lot of patience and practice, therefor by doing the case studies you will learn more and more with each set you carry out.


Aftercare is very important to Kirsty, she wants to provide you with the best support during and after your training course. There’s nothing worse than leaving a training day and not having the correct support afterwards, Kirsty will be at you’re dispense, there’s no question big or small, she will do her best to support you day and night through your journey. Please remember this aftercare will still be provided once you have passed your case studies, you will have lifetime long support.


Our courses include amazing kits! Absolutely full of everything you need to get started (and more!) Our kits contain top quality products from Award winning suppliers within the industry.


Our Manuals are Fully Accredited by Professional Beauty Direct. This means they have been assessed and approved by a governing body, only when a course has been accredited you are able to obtain Insurance. Our manuals are packed full of everything you need to know and much more, from the Anatomy of the eye, to lash Mapping, lash styling, layering, aftercare, removal, and even marketing and social media advise…. just to name a few! We are also fully insured to teach, holding an Awards in Education and Training certificate.


All courses will require a deposit to secure your course date, please CONTACT US for upcoming dates available. At least a 14-day cancellation notice will be required, or full payment will be required. If you need to change your date, please let us know as soon as possible. Payment plans such as Klarna are available to help spread the cost of your course. 




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